Praxis für Gefäßchirurgie

Dr. med. Dimitrios Tsantilas
Facharzt für Chirurgie, Gefäßchirurgie, Phlebologie, Ambulante Operationen

Practice Dr. Tsantilas: Our medical assistants

Get to know our team

Praxis Tsantilas Augsburg Arzthelferin


Carina Kumpfmüller

Senior medical assistant
Quality management
Phlebology assistant

 “We focus on quality management so that our patients can enjoy smooth procedures.”

Praxis Tsantilas Augsburg Arzthelferin


Katharina Asam
Medical assistant
Senior surgery assistant
Hygiene management

“I am the senior surgery assistant because I like to take care of patients in the OR.”

Praxis Tsantilas Augsburg Arzthelferin

Meike Küppers

Deputy senior medical assistant
Office management

“To me, it is important to take care of each patient individually.”


Melanie Troch

Medical assistant
Surgery and office management

“I like working in this practice because we can give to our patients and get something back from them.”


Praxis Tsantilas Augsburg Arzthelferin


Caterina Dias Saraiva
Office management
Wound management

 “We constantly engage in trainings because this is how we can offer the best medical care to our patients.”



Monika Thiel

Medical assistant
Office management


"To me, what matters most is team spirit."


Melanie Bonitz

Medical assistant
Office management
Data protection management

“I enjoy working with people.”


        Kristin Zippel

       Technical surgery 

       Endovascular assistant
       Surgery organization
       Hygiene management



Susanna Dobesch

Medical trainee


“When treating patients, I want everyone to feel at ease.”


Verónica Tsantilas



“I love taking care of all administrative tasks for our patients and our staff.”