Praxis für Gefäßchirurgie

Dr. med. Dimitrios Tsantilas
Facharzt für Chirurgie, Gefäßchirurgie, Phlebologie, Ambulante Operationen


December 2016:

6th Munich Vascular Conference 2016 1-3 December

Klinikum rechts  der Isar - Munich - Germany

Dr. Tsantilas presented his 10-year results: 

"Long-term outcomes after radiofrequency ablation"



July 2016: Summer Academy of the German Society for Vascular Surgery
As in previous years, Dr. Tsantilas taught ultrasound diagnostics of the vascular system to young vascular surgeons on June 20-23, 2016 in Berlin.

June 2016: Among Germany’s top physicians for the sixth time
For the sixth consecutive year, Dr. Tsantilas’s special practice for vascular surgery was listed among Germany’s top physicians by the renowned FOCUS Health magazine. This ranking is based on an independent data collection including scientific publications, peer assessments, and recommendations by patients’ associations and self-help groups.

2016 EWMA-Congress in Bremen: User observation UrgoStart Border
Results of the complete patient group consisting of more than 2,100 patients

May 2016: Dr. Tsantilas authors chapter in "Vascular Surgery"
Dr. Tsantilas authored the chapter "Vascular Surgery" in the recently published "Manual Outpatient Surgery", De Gruyter Verlag (2016)

October 2014: Contract with Techniker Health Insurance (TK)
Since October 1, 2014, we have a partnership with Techniker Health Insurance (TK) for the treatment of venous diseases. After reviewing the indication, the TK covers the costs for treating varicose veins using the endovascular method Venefit

Presentations and trainings by Dr. Tsantilas

June 20-22, 2016: Lecturer on ultrasound diagnostics in the Ultrasound Summer Academy at the German Society of Vascular Surgery (DGG) in Berlin (Dr. Tsantilas)
September 14-19, 2015: Speaker at the Vascular Surgeons Congress Münster (Dr. Tsantilas)
September 2014: Presentation on Ulcus cruris, Annual Conference of the German Society of Phlebology, München (Dr. Tsantilas)
September 2014: Basic Course in Duplex Sonography at the Annual Conference of the German Society of Vascular Surgery (DGG) in Hamburg (Dr. Tsantilas)
November 20-21, 2013: Advanced Course in Phlebology in Aichach (Dr. Tsantilas)

Staff training and certification

October 19, 2016: Disinfection and hygiene (Katharina Asam, Melanie Troch, Melanie Bonitz)
September 28-29, 2016: Certified data protection manager (Melanie Bonitz)
September 7-10, 2016: Phlebology Congress Dresden (Dr. Grau, Carina Kumpfmüller)
June 15, 2016: Hydroactive wound management Ulcus cruris (Monika Thiel, Kristin Zippel, Melanie Bonitz)
September 25, 2015: Certified phlebology assistant DGP Phlebology Congress Bamberg (Carina Kumpfmüller)
September 23-26, 2015: Phlebology Congress Bamberg (Dr. Tsantilas, Carina Kumpfmüller)
November-December 2014: Course in outpatient surgery for medical assistants (Carina Kummer)
September 19-20, 2014: Advanced course for phlebology assistants, Phlebology Congress Munich (Carina Kumpfmüller)
September 13, 2014:  11th Wound Forum Marktoberdorf (Caternia Caniglia, Astrid Mutter)
April 9, 2014: Practical hygiene management, Augsburg (Katharina Asam, Carina Kumpfmüller, Anja Deller)
February 14-15, 2014: Basic course for phlebology assistants, Bonner Venentage (Carina Kumpfmüller)
September 2013: Wound forum Marktoberdorf (Caterina Caniglia)
October 2013: medatixx-QMB in practice (Carina Kumpfmüller)
November 2013: Circular and flat knitted compression stockings (Melina Suhr)